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Serving breakfast and sandwiches.


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These guys rule! I am very picky with my eggs, I like them true blooded sunny side up, where they pop and run and the toast/ potatoes soak it all up. Every stinking place Ive tried on Grub-hub cannot get it right except these guys! All the other options are mighty delicious as well, especially the Mexican food. These guys have become my new Grub-Hub go to. Only other place that competes is the Kingsbridge Coffee Shop on Jerome and Kingsbridge ave here in the Bronx. That place isnt on grubhub though, so when it comes to delivery options, Primavera Cafe is the way to go!


Top Reviewer
The delivery time was okay, honestly wasn't paying much attention to the time anyways. But it arrived good, everything was correct, delicious and food was close to hot considering it was freezing outside when ordered. I love it. The fries and tacos are great. The strawberry lemonade was a little too sweet but, I liked it regardless. Will definitely order from here again! :)


2 reviews
I always receive great service when visiting this establishment. Today I decided to use this website since I was unable to pick up my lunch and I was amazed at the service I received. My lunch was delivered quickly and still hot and tasty. Thank you guys!


Top Reviewer
This place always serves high quality ingredients in their food and it shows. Their nachos are beyond amazing, their burger deluxe are awesome. The delivery was fast, those guys work really hard. I will definitely continue to order from here.


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I've ordered here a few times now. Food has always been good. That bacon cheeseburger might be the best in my area. I only wish they had more options for it - sauteed onions, cheddar or swiss cheese, and so on.

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Top Reviewer
I always order from here, delivery is always on time, and way before the time that is given on my seamless account. They are always on point with presentation of the food, the large amount of condiments given and delivery guys, are super polite and always thank me for the tip, which I usually give more than 20%, awesome restaurant, check out their salad bar and buffet at their restaurant when you walk in, its always hot and awesome.


Top Reviewer
These guys are awesome. I ordered breakfast and received it freakishly fast. It was hot and delicious. Their smoothies are no joke. Highly recommend them over the other diners and cafes in the area of kingsbridge or Fordham.


1 review
Order from here all the time, even when it's incredibly busy on the weekend they manage to get the order within the estimated time and it's always correct. Definitely one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants.


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The food is always delicious and the delivery guy is great. Definitely one of the most reliable restaurants in the area for quality meals and good customer service.


1 review
Food is always well prepared, fresh and delicious! I would definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for fresh wraps or quesadillas.

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